It’s true. 2016 is the year I started intentionally documentiing the books I read, re-read, and am reading. As a result of some transitions (in particular, a stint of unemployment at the start of the year), I had plenty of time to really indulge, and indulge I did.

This is my attempt to keep track of what I read in 2016, as well as to document some reviews along the way. This list is a working document and may shrink or expand throughout the year.

Aesthetics, Linguistics, Poetics

On Beauty and Being Just – Elaine Scarry
The Uprising: On Poetry & Finance – Bifo Berardi
The Making of a Poem – Mark Strand & Eavan Boland
Poetry in Person: Twenty-five Years of Conversation with America’s Poets – edited by Alexander Neubauer
After Babel – George Steiner
Learning to Live Finally: The Last Interviews – Jacques Derrida
Poetic License – Marjorie Perloff
The Sound of Poetry, The Poetry of Sound – Marjorie Perloff
ABC of Reading – Ezra Pound
Teaching a Stone to Talk – Annie Dillard 
The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor 
Please Add This To The List: Teaching Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets & Experiments – edited by Katy Bohinc


A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara
The Politics of Friendship – Jacques Derrida 
Redeeming Sex – Deb Hirsch
Desire/Love – Lauren Berlant 
The Interior Castle – Teresa of Avila 
Lacan on Love – Bruce Fink
Where There’s Love, There’s Hate –  Adolfo Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo, translated by Suzanne Jill Levine and Jessica Ernst Powell


One Hundred Twenty-One Days – Michele Audin, trans. from the French by Christiana Hills
Sophia – Michael Bible
Till We Have Faces – C.S. Lewis 
The Lifted Veil  – George Elliot 
What Is Yours Is Not Yours – Helen Oyeyemi 


In Other Words – Jhumpa Lahiri
Four Seasons in Rome – Anthony Doerr 
My Brilliant Friend: Neapolitan Novels, Book One – Elena Ferrante; translated by Ann Goldstein 


The Brain that Changes Itself – Norman Doidge
Phantoms in the Brain – V.S. Ramachandran & Blakeslee
Self Comes to Mind – Antonio Damasio
The Blank Slate – Steven Pinker
I Am A Strange Loop – Doug Hoefstadter
Did My Neurons Make Me Do It? – Nancey Murphy and Warren Brown
Musicophilia – Oliver Sacks


The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World – Pedro Domingo
Eat and Run – Scott Jurek
Not Dead but Sleeping – Anna Della Subin
The Emperor of all Maladies – Siddhartha Mukherjee
Daring Greatly – Brene Brown


Symposium – Plato
Tracticus – Wittgenstein
On the Shortness of Life – Seneca


At the Border of Wilshire and Nobody – Marci Vogel
Ventrakl – Christian Hawkey
Collected Poems – Catherine Smith
The Roots of a Thousand Embraces: Dialogues  –Juan Felipe Herrera
Count the Waves – Sandra Beasley
Circumstantial Evidence – Joan Retallack
I Mean – Kate Colby
Glass, Irony & God – Anne Carson
Tender Buttons – Gertrude Stein
forget me hit me let me drink great quantities of clear, evil liquor – Katie Schmid 
From the New World: Poems – Jorie Graham
Incorrect Merciful Impulses – Camille Rankine 
Sleep as Information / The Fountain is a Water Feature – Ed Steck 
Metamorphoses – Ovid
Can You Catch My Flow – Lidy Wilks
Elegy – Mary Jo Bang 
Bright Dead Things – Ada Limón
Pictures from Brueghel – William Carlos Williams 
The Man Named East – Peter Redgrove 
Madman at Kilifi – Clifton Gachagua
Sleeping with the Dictionary – Harryette Mullen
Recyclopedia – Harryette Mullen
Wolfman Librarian – Filip Marinovich
The Hatred of Poetry – Ben Lerner
Captive – Martin Ott
Yankee Broadcast Network – Martin Ott
Fatal Interview – Edna St. Vincent Millay
The Word From His Song – Li Young Lee
Blood Song – Michael Schmelzer
Elegy/Elk River – Michael Schmelzer
The New Testament –  Jericho Brown
The Marvelous Arithmetic of Distance: Poems 1987-1992 – Audra Lorde 
Voyage of the Sable Venus – Robin Coste Lewis
Night Sky With Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong
[insert] boy – Danez Smith
Reliquaria – R.A. Villanueva
Balancing Acts: New & Selected Poems (1993-2015) – Yahia Lababidi
Louis Zukofsky – Selected Poems
Candor is the Brightest Shield – Andrew Maxwell
Life on Mars – Tracy K. Smith
Bluets – Maggie Nelson
Tex – Beau Rice
Olio – Tyehimba Jess 
The Animal Too Big To Kill – Shane McCrae 
Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz – Langston Hughes 

Poetry in Translation

The Song of Songs – Chana and Ariel Bloch (translators)
Strong as Death is Love: The Song of Songs, Ruth, Esther, Jonah, and Daniel, A Translation with Commentary – Robert Alter (translator)
Psalms – Robert Alter (translator)
If Not, Winter – Fragments from Sappho – Anne Carson (translator)
My Poems Won’t Change the World: Selected Poems – Patrizia Cavalli, edited by Gini Alhadeff


The Politics of Jesus – John Howard Yoder
You Are What You Lov – James K.A. Smith
The Sacred and the Profane – Mircea Eliade
Character and the Christian Life – Stanley Hauerwas
The Happy Intercessor – Beni Johnson
Gate Crashing – Brian Heasley
The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boon 
How Jesus Saves the World From Us – Morgan Guyton
Why Holiness Matters – Tyler Braun 
An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith – Barbara Brown Taylor
I Give You Authority – Charles Kraft
Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics – Samuel Wells

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